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[#44470] Written by: niki [08/07/07, 03:53]
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fonejack / v.1. to seize control of a telephone conversation by farce.

a comedy program featuring some great prank phone calls combined with on-screen
graphics ... i wonder how long the fonejacker can hide his identity because this
program will be big, lots of clips already on youtube ...

a mouse calls a pet-shop to ask if cats are flammable, a 419 scammer uses
various methods to extract peoples bank acct pin numbers, mostly they they tell
him to fuck-off, a prank call to zillis restaurant in soho. a middle eastern
guy who wants to buy a doovde player because he cant say dvd. hilarious shit
but americans may not get-it, there are no dfs furniture stores in america
[#44471] Written by: dornedec [08/07/07, 04:00]
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yeah i saw this the other night. unfortunately i missed most of it but what i saw
was very funny....'are cats flammable'
[#44472] Written by: niki [08/07/07, 04:07]
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fonejacker calls carphone warehouse he wants to buy a new cell phone ... but he
has no thumbs, where to they think this stuff up.
[#44474] Written by: MyBigToe [08/07/07, 04:24]
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there were a couple of awesome ones on it.

im sure ive seen adverts for it last year or so though, are you sure its s01?
[#44475] Written by: niki [08/07/07, 04:34]
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no ... it has some previous history on channel 4

[#44485] Written by: October [08/07/07, 06:03]
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great show.
[#44490] Written by: skyeater3 [08/07/07, 07:07]
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it's not dfs it duhfs...
[#44491] Written by: cyrilio [08/07/07, 07:43]
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this show is one of the most innovative i've seen recently, besides it's hilarious
[#44493] Written by: Trocopasso [08/07/07, 09:58]
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yep, ive heard some stuff like this but not in a show, lets hope this continue
[#44505] Written by: merripen [08/07/07, 14:09]
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the show pretty much employs the same joke over and over, interspersed with some
aphex twin music video effects in between.

not without some humor, but pretty bad.
[#44518] Written by: [08/07/07, 15:37]
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this is not even funny,,,, but it is tartish, dry british humor...and it
stinks....please save you electronics and don't make another episode.
[#44521] Written by: Bid [08/07/07, 16:14]
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i kind of liked where he started beat boxing or the thing with the restaurant,
but besides that it is boring. didn't there used to be a show on comedy central
called prank callers or something, it's the same thing...
[#44529] Written by: drharris [08/07/07, 18:58]
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it's not incredibly innovative (at least in us, prank calling has had several
shows), but i like his prank style. love the idea of getting to see people's
reactions (like where he was beat boxing). i also loved the rent-a-flat prank
where he had the guy thinking it was an automated system. it almost had me in
tears. keep it coming, but i figure it'll only last a season.
[#44530] Written by: asdf [08/07/07, 19:00]
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...in a similar style to monty python animations.

also shockingly similar to bad television. don't watch this.
[#44531] Written by: Tiranis [08/07/07, 19:04]
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i was in stitches during the one about a cellphone for someone with no thumbs and the one with the
mouse and a cat. especially the animation during the mouse and a cat one was perfect.

highly recommended.
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